The Open...

Thursday, February 22, 2018 - 16:45
It’s not easy to explain to an “outsider”, but this blog will be so bold as to attempt just that. Let’s start with what it is on paper:

5 Weeks, 5 Workouts, completed at your local CrossFit Affiliate…that’s it…so what’s the big deal?

Well, if you look at it from a black and white standpoint, it’s the start of qualifying for the CrossFit Games. Screen time on ESPN, lucrative sponsorships, and millions of followers on social media. That happens for about .000001% of the people that sign up for it every year.

With such staggering odds at glory, why do so many of us CrossFitters do it year in and year out? In my opinion, it comes down to basic human nature. Those of us who seek to truly feel alive, gravitate to that which makes us feel that way. To push ourselves to the limits of our physical and mental capability, knowing that whatever the final results may be, we will be better for the journey.

Although our community is always tightly knit, and the daily workouts discussed…The Open is just different. Many get together to watch the online announcements each week, and even more will feverishly text back and forth once the workout has been posted. All of us feeling a shared anticipation, anxiety, and excitement of what is to come.

Support during your workout is always present in the CrossFit community, but in The Open it’s turned all the way up. Your judge for each workout becomes your inner “you can do this” and the rest of the gym your personal cheerleading squad.

It’s emotional…there are always tears as well as triumphs, sweat, blood, and the question “why the hell am I doing this?” will be asked more than once. But the answer is quite simple…

Because you can.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of us sign up, knowing full well that we will never feel the glory of standing atop the podium, but if we can withstand the challenge, we will be rewarded all the same.

Completing The Open is a badge of honor, and something that truly needs to be experienced to be understood. With that being said…there’s still time to sign-up!